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Social Media Marketing

Innovate, Inform, Inspire, Sell.

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Why do you need to get started with SMM?

An estimated 58.4% of the world uses social media, and 424 million users are coming online within the last 12 months as of January 22. Your business needs to have a solid social media presence, pushing its value propositions in front of the right audience. It's a must-have to develop Brand trust with your storytelling, improve customer services and generate new leads.

Not convinced yet?

The average daily time spent by a person using social media is 2h 27m. Making it the largest single share of our connected media time, at 35 percent of the total    6h 58 we spend online daily.

How does it work?

Nobody knows your business better than you, that's why we will co-create the perfect SMM strategy together. The TheMarketease team has been trained in-house by LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as we are all ex-big tech employees. Our expertise goes beyond what you are accustomed and the results we provide will blow your mind.

We decided to only focus on SMM for SMBs and provide them with the Enterprise service level big spenders get when working directly with social media platforms.

Data-driven and highly transparent, we will guide you during the strategic phase, implementation, analysis, and reporting. Our goal? Became an extension of your marketing team and see your brand thrive.

Simple and easy to use

What do we do?

You can pick and choose our services or use our all-in-one packages.

  • Strategy and planning

    A social media strategy establishes clear expectations and goals for your business's social media marketing efforts. Whether you aim to increase brand awareness, create buzz around a promotional event or want to generate leads. We will establish the right plan for you.

  • Target audience research

    Based on the goal of your campaigns and your marketing personas, we will perform a target audience research. It will transcribe all attributes of your ideal clients on the selected social media platform and ensure your Ads are placed in front of the right person to convert.

  • High-performance creatives 

    High-performance creatives are like the intersection between campaigns that are driven by KPIs/ROI and campaigns that are driven by innovation and creativity. Traditionally, the focus has been on one or the other, but today's brands need to be merging the two. So sit tight and let us give you the good stuff.

  • Campaigns management

    Campaign management is the execution, tracking, and analysis phase of your SMM strategy. During this stage, we will monitor your performances and adjust your campaigns (CPM, CPL, Frequency,..) to maximise your ROI  and make sure everything goes as planned

  • Reporting

    With our cloud-based reporting solution, you will have access to real-time data based on the KPIs that matter to you. This reporting method is highly transparent, digested, and will allow you to compensate for the lack of analytics on most social platforms. 

  • Nurturing and CRM integration

    To follow up with your campaigns, we will design a sequence and template that allow you to nurture your audience and leads to get you one step closer to generating new deals. If needed, we will help you set up your CRM integration to help you with your marketing automation. 

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