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Entrepreneur and digital enthusiast, I created TheMarketease.com to combine business and pleasure. I am passionate about my work, which made it possible to succeed in the competitive world of marketing.

Always open to discussion and new challenges, send me a message if you want my help.

Founder - Business Executive


My favourite quote:

“If you don’t have big dreams and goals, you’ll end up working for someone that does.”

Why TheMarketease?


In the text we can translate this by "The simplified market" but all the meaning is in the objectives that I had set during the creation of the agency. Simplify the life of small businesses when it comes to digital marketing and provide them with the same services that large groups receive.


Indeed, when I was working at Google and Hubspot, I had the impression that the services offered were not fair. "Large accounts", meaning those who spend a lot, received more attention from us, while small and medium-sized enterprises were relatively often forgotten ... These super corporations had become too big to handle the needs. SMB's properly and yet, it is the companies that needed the most help to grow and stay alive.


It was then that I had the idea to create an agency specialising in digital marketing and business consulting, to help "small business" in their growth and business strategies.


How do we work?


Once the concept was created it was now necessary to implement it and for this surround myself with people sharing my vision. It was therefore clear that by using my network of former colleagues, I would find all the specialists I needed to complete my project.


Also, it made it possible not to appeal to people who did not know the tools and platforms used from the inside.


Choosing of our services.


In order to keep a maximum of flexibility and to be able to adapt to the real needs of our customers. We have developed a range of services at TheMarketease in order to be able to accompany a business from its creation until promoting / sales its products or services.


Going from business plan to digital marketing through the creation of website, SEO, analysis and content creation, ...


Apart from our commercial approach (all work deserves pay :) the focus is on personalisation. No fix packages or minimum expenditure. A first free consultation to understand the needs of our future customers and ensure that we are the answer to their problems.


Basing our customer relations on trust and the long term commitment order to sustain our results together.


The final word.


It was important to share our vision with you to bring some keys for you to understand how we work. Aware that it is necessary to choose the right partners so that the objectives are achieved but also that the relations are optimal, thus making everyone's day much more enjoyable. That's it, you know us better now and if questions persist, do not hesitate to come and chat with us on social networks or directly on our website.

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