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About us

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photo de Gael Parroche founder of TheMarketease

Our story

TheMarketease is a social media marketing agency that helps small and medium businesses get the results they need to grow. We believe that every business should be able to succeed online and make more money.

Over the last 5 years, we have seen what it takes for businesses to succeed. Not just in terms of profit, but in terms of how their teams work together, how they communicate, and how they feel about their work. We have found that the most successful companies are the ones that have done thorough research and find a competent marketing team to guide them through any obstacles.

We realized that one of the most effective ways to leverage digital marketing is to engage potential customers with relevant content on select social media platforms.

Our core

At TheMarketease, we offer a holistic approach to social media marketing. Our team has expertise in SMM, audience targeting, content strategy, growth hacking, and advertising management.

The agency was founded on the belief that small and medium-sized businesses will have more success with lower budgets with a thoughtful strategy and expert execution.

In full transparency, our agency is also the result of our founder's 10 years working for big-tech companies like Google, Indeed, Hubspot, and LinkedIn, where he realized that we were pushing small business marketers to talk to big tech salespeople (managed services) and only the big spenders were getting real support.

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Our Values

To ensure we keep this in mind when working with our clients, we keep things simple, transparent and straight to the point. We limit our execution costs and prefer to work remotely rather than have our clients pay for our office with an air-hokey table in the center of Paris, London, or Dublin for example.

We are part of the TechOff project, which allows companies to work in Earthships converted into co-working spaces, limiting the environmental impact of our agency. Eco-friendly and responsible marketing are two core values for us, as we aim to transform the industry one click at a time.

Want to learn more or just talk to us? Do not hesitate, "Book a call with us".

TheMarketease Team