How to become a trusted advisor?

The age of the traditional sale is exceeded, it is now necessary to make way for a sale by consultation. Until now salespeople had the mission to bring their products and services to the market with a ton of information from their sales pitch. Today, prospects no longer need this information that they search for themselves on the internet.

Why put the human at the centre of your communication? If they have a need, they will naturally go find out online where to trust someone in their personal networks to direct them. This implies two things. First, you need to have a great online presence, as well as a good digital strategy. By this I mean, that you need to occupy space on the networks and bring value in the content that you propose to your audience. You will be able to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of your potential customers. In a second step, you must have an excellent personal presentation, take care of your communication in order to be able to convince/sell while increasing the level of confidence generated by your exchanges with your customers. It is necessary to leave the traditional commercial approach to have an honest and open dialogue with your prospects. And so make sure you can fix his problem or need. In the past, sales people and consultants often relied on a technical sheet to demonstrate the benefits of their products as well as their technical expertise. Thus demonstrating their intelligence quotients (commercial intelligence) to bring value to the client during negotiation phases. This, of course, was enough to become an expert or specialist in the field in question, but without guaranteeing a true understanding of the needs of the end customer. Today, new prospects expect a company and a salesperson to have a high emotional quotient! That is to convince by his ability to engage a customer relationship, understand their real needs and deal with their reluctance with attention. So placing himself at the rank of a trusted person being able to put themselves in their places. Since this is now the "basis" of any commercial exchange, it prescribes the recitation of a predefined script having so-called answer to everything. Know how to surround yourself.

We often neglect the human aspect of relationships in business and with our customers. It is important to highlight people with the best know-how and not the best resume. By dint of not being in phase with your audience these last years, you generated this famous "fear of the commercial" which would have, according to the statements of certain prospects, always something to hide, a surprise which one discovers after signature the contract or the product purchased. More than ever, you need to increase the transparency of your exchanges with your prospects. Nothing better than social networks to achieve this. With these platforms you can:

-Share all the information needed to increase the knowledge of your products and services. -Improve and streamline your customer services by providing immediate and concrete answers to your potential customers. You need to get out of transactional relationships where a customer is just a number in a table, a value on a projected budget. The customer relationship should be the focus of the whole company, focused on the human being and not on productivity. Prefer quality over quantity, increasing your audience's trust in your services and products, making them the best lawyers for your brand. Stay focus. By integrating these factors into your digital marketing strategy you can create content that is relevant to your customers' expectations, focused on their real needs and providing them with a real answer. Trust, therefore, becomes your main asset during your exchanges and encourages your potential customers to do business with your brand or company. If a lot of business today uses the profiling of their target audience, it should not become intrusive with a manipulative purpose, but obviously, use the data and information collected to ensure the adequacy between services and products offered to your customers. By becoming the reference in your field you will be obligatorily the company to contact in case of needs, thus increasing your turnover in the long term. Key points:

  • Be efficient.

  • Define your Buyer Personas.

  • Produce high-value content.

  • Plan your publications on all your digital ecosystem.

  • Analyse your customer feedback. (likes, commentaries, ...)

  • Be transparent in your communication.

  • Use your new clients as brand lawyers.

  • Generate more new customers.

Knowing how to implement the dynamics of social and emotional intelligence is to guarantee a unique experience for your clients and to be able to accompany them whenever they have a need in the future.

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