5 reasons to start a company blog.

Far too many companies use just a website and social networks to optimise their online presence. Unfortunately this is not enough, without the permanent addition of new informations, your site remains only a showcase. You will find below the 5 reasons to create a company blog on your website.

1- The generation of qualified organic traffic.

When your site is online and correctly referenced, it will become static in the search results. The best way for you to increase attraction to your prospects will be to create a business blog. Thus, you can offer your audience, articles related to your products / services to bring them the best possible understanding. As a result, you will have more pages to submit to the search engine to gain visibility. By adding topics and well-chosen keywords (in line with your buyer personas) in your articles, your blog will generate qualified organic (free) traffic.

2- The increase of conversions rates visitor / contact (leads).

With the implementation of effective Call To Action and more links placed in your articles, you increase the chances of converting your new traffic. Recovering contact information, even just an email address or registration on social media is a first step that can lead to a later sale (Lead Nurturing). By finding the optimal balance between informative, entertaining content and business propositions, your conversions rates will naturally increase.

3- Improve the image of your company.

Creating a professional blog should aim to answer questions to help users, but especially to please potential customers. In addition to appearing as an expert and reliable company, prospects will be more inclined to use your services because they trust you. The blog humanises the company by giving voice to your partners or to highlight your expertise in your field of activity. Thanks to your articles you become the reference in your field and your brand image is the proof. With the excitement created around your brand and your offer, you now have a new, very effective acquisition levers. These articles on the blog make it possible to underline your singularity and reinforce your differentiation compared to your competitors.

4- Know your audience and refine your Buyer Personas.

This is an aspect that we often forget when writing blog but it is an excellent vector of communication ... Indeed, these articles give excellent indications on the behaviour of your audience and therefore on your potential customers. Not only is it possible to collect socio-demographic information on Google Analytics for example, but also to know which topics are of interest to them, thanks to feedback from your readers in comments or on social networks.

5- Increase visitors and customers loyalty.

Managing a business blog involves setting up a publishing calendar. By regularly posting your blog gets rich, gives you a better positioning on the search engines and creates a weekly meeting with your audience. This last point is particularly useful because loyal users are Internet users who are more likely to talk about you, improve your authority and especially to buy your products or services. For natural referencing, this is a proof of relevance and thus decreases bounce rates.

As you can see, besides the enormous potential that the professional blog offers to your company in terms of SEO, it is also very useful to boost your communication at all levels of your sales funnel.

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