What is marketing automation?

Everything you need to know about automation marketing to generate more leads for your business.

You've heard about it, you know it well, you can not do without it, but in the end ...

What is marketing automation?

The Definition: Marketing Automation is the use of web-based software and services to run, manage, and automate marketing tasks, such as sending personalised e-mail based on user behaviour. Marketing automation can be seen as an evolution of autoresponders.

The Concept: It enable businesses to buy and sell simply by bringing prospects to maturity through useful and highly personalised content, which contributes to their conversion into customers and their customers loyalty. This type of marketing usually generates significant revenue for businesses, while providing an excellent return on investment.

How to use it?

Marketing Automation is often used to manage processes linked to the company's website or its presence on social networks. In general, the system is based on the behaviour of users to send targeted messages to them. categorising them according to pre-established criteria and scenarios (automatic segmentation).

How can the behaviour of Internet users can be evaluated?

  • The analysis of their navigation on the website: which pages were consulted, in what order, when?

  • Their reaction to an e-mailing: did they read the message, which link (s) did they click on?

  • Their interactions with the company on social networks: what content are they inclined to like or share?

Adapted Marketing Content.

Depending on the behaviour of Internet users, we will provide marketing content (an advertising message for example) adapted through the Marketing Automation software.

Automated links with social networks.

Some marketing automation systems automatically link an email address to the user's social profile. Thus, in a B to B context, a user who downloads a white paper against delivery of his e-mail address may automatically receive a LinkedIn invitation to connect to the author of the book. We can also consider that automated publishing systems on social networks are part of the automation technique of web marketing.

Lead nurturing.

In a context of long sales cycles, it is illusory to think that prospects will contact a supplier at first contact. Marketing automation will therefore enable Lead Nurturing campaigns to be put in place to regularly feed the prospect with relevant informations, to the point of contacting the company.

Progressive profiling.

Marketing automation record the actions of the user in and out of the site. At each step, the system may request additional information from the user, in order to identify it progressively but completely. This is called progressive profiling.

Marketing automation will help you keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

Conduct engagement campaigns to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Indeed, this principle is well known to sales teams: it is easier to sell your products or services to a customer who has already come by it in the past. Continuing to generate interest through content marketing is essential to the successful development of your business.

Nurture the relationships you have with your customers by sending them segmented, informative, and exclusive content that will encourage them to use your services or products.

Get in touch with us if you want to learn how to implement Marketing Automation for you business and discover more about it.

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