YouTube Vs. Facebook: The Best Social Media Platform for Video Marketing

If you are planning to add video marketing to your marketing campaigns in 2019, you are the best decision of this morning, afternoon, and evening. Majority of the well-known digital marketers prefer videos over textual content. They say, "There are higher chances to engage users through videos than those bulky textual articles". It does not mean the blogging is over, blogging is still far superior to video marketing. In fact, some of you will be driving traffic from your social media videos to the blog's landing page, right?

YouTube Vs. Facebook Video Marketing

The controversy about YouTube Vs. Facebook Video Marketing has been going on throughout 2018. While some people found it easier to make use of Facebook's monetisation to earn money, others are using AdSense to earn a handsome amount out of YouTube videos. Overall, most digital marketers prefer YouTube video marketing over Facebook with a ratio of 87% Vs. 68%.

And if some of you are concerned that Facebook offers premium ways to market product and YouTube don't. Well, worry no more because there are many authentic sources to buy YouTube views for your channel. So, it is not rightful to overlook YouTube just for this cause.


When it comes to monetisation, Facebook pays the marketers per 1,000 impressions (CPM) and the view is counted right after 3 seconds of watch time per video. On the other hand, a view on YouTube is counted after watching about 30 seconds. And if the video is shorter than 30 seconds, then the view is counted after watching the whole video.

YouTube Vs. Facebook: Some Quick Facts

Following is the list of some facts that may clarify your confusion about using Facebook or YouTube as a video marketing platform.

• People find it easy to watch videos on YouTube as compared to Facebook. Thus, views at the same videos are often higher on YouTube than Facebook.

• Overall, YouTube is the lightest website with video content on the internet. On the other hand, people with a slow internet connection will not be able to even start the video.

• People are slow to adapt to Facebook videos as compared to YouTube videos.

• One can post product explainers, brand videos, and tutorials per their business on YouTube for higher engagement. No one will be searching "How to get views" on Facebook but YouTube.

No doubt, YouTube has become one of the best video marketing platform to utilise in your marketing tactics in 2019. According to a survey, it was found that 85% wanted to watch a video about a product rather than reading an article in 2018. Rest is your choice!

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