What is a Buyer Persona and How it Increase Your Conversion Rate.

If you are a SMBs marketer, a business owner or a digital marketer, you will want to know what is a Buyer Persona and how it can impact you business. A lot of companies dont give the necessary attention to this step during the construction of them online sale funnel. It will drastically increase the conversion rate on your website and opt-in pages , help you with product development, sales follow-up and of course clients retention.

1.What is a Buyer Persona?

A Buyer Persona is the semi-fictional representation of your ideal client based on biographical and demographic informations, psychological criteria, motivations and goals. It is not the representation of a single customer because each of them are unique. The Buyer Persona is a representation of your ideal client you create as a complete profile including his professional situation, his goals, his wishes, his ambitions. Unfortunately, not every companies define a Buyer Persona before creating content, opt-in, products,... This lead them to a low conversion rate as the messaging they use is not tailored to the target audience they aim for. Be precise in your business and make sure your message come across to the right person.

2.How this impact my business?

Knowing your buyer persona will help you during all the phases of your development, you will attract the right prospects with the right content, limit the bouncing on your pages and convert more easily with a tailored sales funnel, and transform your clients to brand ambassador with a product what talk directly to them. Also, you can create Negative persona to identify and disqualify toxic prospects, students, influencers,... to straighten your sales process and optimise the time past on every opportunities.


Buyer Persona name: Buyer Roger

Demographic Information: Male, between 20-45 years old, US or EU resident, over 50k$ yearly income, single, with kids,...

Job Title and Seniority level: Business owner or C-level, over 5 years experience

Day to day tasks: Found solution to keep the business growing and explore new strategy. Browsing online and answering sales calls. Dealing with daily emergency,...

Challenges: No time to really try anything new and decide where to go, troubles generating traffic and new leads to secure this years business targets, prouve ROI to investor,...

Goals: Found an agency to increase market penetration and maximise ROI,...

Bottom line, All your business activities should be linked to your buyer personas to insure high conversion rate, customer satisfaction and market penetration. It as important as your market studies before launching a new product or service. Capture as much informations possible to ensure the best results and learn from your audience.

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