Website & online presence analysis

How visible are you?.

Why it is important?

Business develop expansive Web presence as part of them online marketing activities but often miss opportunities to gain visibility and develop an expert reputation toward them targeted audience.


This analysis will make sure your business can be found online and you dont let any business opportunity on the table. 


Also, monitoring your presence on the Internet help you understand how well your marketing activities are working. This analysis set a baseline to measure your improvement regarding your business goals and expected ROI.

What we provide.

We give you a full report of your online presence, to answer questions such as:

  • How well can your business be found when someone searches?

  • Is your brand consistent across all of your online properties?

  • How is your strategy working against competition?

We analyze the strengths and weaknesses on your website. Look at your online presence and interaction on plateforme like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,... to highlight opportunities and tactics in your industry.

We will tell you the percentage of potential clients you are not attracting, why they are not visiting your site and where they are going instead.

Our Tools

Keyword analysis and research 

For your top keyword phrases, where do you rank and how to improve your result with our keywords suggestion.

Search engine visibility

How well can you be find on search engine and what is missing. We use Google Analytics account (and sets yours up for FREE if you haven’t got one…) as well as custom software to look at your web pages and sources of traffic.

Website structure analysis

We make sure your website have the proper items that lead to better conversion rate and audience engagement. 

Social media report

Analyzing your brand consistency, messaging, communication and participation across all the social plateforme. Take a hard look at your profiles and make sure you are sending the right message to the right audience for all of them and that you are linking all your profiles and websites for maximum visibility.

Competitive report

Understanding where you are stronger or weaker in relation to their online presence to help you determine where you should be channeling your marketing efforts. We also compare your current performance and future opportunities to give you a full report on your online competitiveness.

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